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The market has changed. Remember when people would use yellow page books to look up businesses and how you had to use quarters to pay for an outside pay phone? Televisions use to run on analog signals and we used paper maps to get around. There was a time that if you didn’t have access to a paper map or a pay phone you were lost! You couldn’t text a friend or pull out your cell phone or even use an app such as Google Maps to find out where you were and figure out how to get home.

You know if you were running a business and wanted to run a promotion you would call up an advertising executive at a major newspaper in town and order an ad, you would call up the Yellow Pages and request they add you to the directory for a price. You would print lots of flyers and mail them to peoples homes and that’s how business was done. If you were a big business you would purchase radio time or purchase television spots and people would call your business up.

Now let me ask you when was the last time you picked up a yellow book to look up a plumber or find out where the nearest pizza place is? How about leave your house and stand in line to rent a movie from Blockbuster? How are you reading the news, are you still going to the corner and putting in quarters to get your daily? How about when you drive are you taking out the map from the glovebox and finding out the best route to take? I guarantee that the primary way you do anything now is use your phone or computer.

The market and technology evolved and continues to evolve and make the lives people easier, easier to get information, easier to connect, easier to do the things you enjoy with less time spent. Even groceries now can be shipped and delivered to your doorstep in less than an hour with Amazon or Peapod.

What I find funny is when I talk to business owners about getting a website or running ads on Google or Bing or Facebook they say that doesnt work. I get most of my customers from referrals or I’ve tried Facebook Ads but no one is buying. That’s like saying I tried an apple and it was rotten so I decided to eat an orange instead or worse I’m never eating fruit again. As a Chicago, IL SEO Consultant?my job is to help these business owners realize that if you don’t measure your just guessing. If you don’t adapt you will be the next closed Blockbuster or you will struggle against your competition.

You know now its so easy to find out about a company, you can hope on look at user reviews on Google and make a phone call. What if people are saying bad things about your business online , how are you going to fix that if your offline? How do you know if your customers are coming to you by word of mouth or by online methods if you aren’t measuring?

I’m not saying offline marketing doesn’t work, it does but how do you know which channel is bringing you more business if you simply give up on technology. Theres a few reasons why, your doing the work yourself, you hired the wrong company, or you don’t want to run a business anymore.

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